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Loyality program

Membership is certified by MUSETTE loyalty card; it is not a credit card, but a card identifying loyal customers based on which holders receive a set of benefits to purchasing products MUSETTE store network.

Get a MUSETTE loyalty card with 10% discount for any purchase! MUSETTE rewards customer loyalty! A MUSETTE loyalty card holder has a discount of 10% for any purchase, an additional 10% HAPPY BIRTHDAY DISCOUNT! MUSETTE has prepared a gift for your birthday! You have a 7 days interval, starting with your birthday, when you can benefit of an additional 10% discount, to any 2 products (shoes and handbags), in any of our stores. Invitations to events organized by MUSETTE! Loyal customers are invited to promotional sales - closed circuit, where they can benefit from preferential rates, fashion shows and other special MUSETTE events. 

MUSETTE club can get your loyalty MUSETTE card
Anyone who purchases our products for a minimum of 400 EUR - proof being made on the voucher. Cash receipts are available at any of our point of sale, whether they are granted discounts, product promotions or campaign discounts. Participant registration form completely and legibly filled with real data. MUSETTE entry form is completed in any MUSETTE point of sale with the voucher proving acquisition. A form containing unsigned or incomplete data is not valid, which entails inability to benefit from the advantages offered by this program. MUSETTE Loyalty Card will be sent to its owner, to a Musette store of his/hers choosing. The card becomes active, after receipt and can be used immediately. The cardholder will have the obligation to notify without delay any change of personal information and also will report the loss, theft or damage of the loyalty card.

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