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Thank you for purchasing this fine MUSETTE product!
Your satisfaction represents an essential responsibility for MUSETTE, so we invest all our resources to offer you the best quality when you purchase one of our products.

All the fabrics used in the process of production are from the best suppliers in Europe and they have been subjected to different processes of testing before being put on sale. The leather used for making the MUSETTE products is natural and the technology and manufacturing steps involved fulfil the best quality standards.

Warranty certificate of the products
This warranty represents the certainty of the quality that S.C. MUSETTE EXIM SRL products offer and it applies to any product purchased from our stores or from

Duration of warranty
The duration of warranty is a limited time which flows from the moment in which the product was purchased until the date on which the producer takes the responsibility of remediation or replacement of the product, at its expense, if the deficiencies are not attributable to the buyer, according to Disp. Art. 17 of OG 21/1992. From the product purchased from our stores, we offer a 30 day warranty, starting with the day of purchasing.

Conditions of warranty
We guarantee that the product purchased from S.C. MUSETTE EXIM SRL is a safe, new (unused), authentic (the product presents elements of identification of legal trademark registered) and free from any defects. In terms of following the instructions of use, the product presents quality parameters and normal performance (which the consumer can reasonably expect), given the nature and purpose for which the product was manufactured, on an average duration of use. The average duration of use is about 6 calendar months, while wearing alternatively at least 3 pairs of shoes. Important: warranty applies only if the buyer provides proof of purchase –it is compulsory to present the fiscal receipt or invoice.

Ensuring the warranty
For any manufacturing defects you may notice during the 30 days warranty, we invite you to bring the product in any of our stores along with the fiscal receipt/invoice and the warranty certificate. You will complete immediately a complaint sheet and in maximum 5 days you will receive an answer regarding your product. In case that your product will be repaired or replaced, for picking it up you will have to present yourself at the store with the complaint sheet.

The warranty will be ensured in no more than 15 calendar days from the date of intimation, in accordance with art. 10, 11 from law 449/2003, so:

  • Reparation of the product
  • Replacement of the product – if it can’t be repaired.
  • Returning the value of the product if neither repairs nor replacement are possible.

Conditions in which the warranty becomes unenforceable or invalid

  • Normal obsolescence and physical wear
  • Product or component parts of the product discoloration, following prolonged exposure to harsh environmental factors (sun or another strong source of heat, humidity, rain, snow, etc.)
  • Product damage as a result of disasters (fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, etc.), accident, fire or theft.
  • Defects caused by transport, improper handling and storage conditions (temperature, excessive humidity, thermal shock - type of hot / cold variations – dipping, etc.)
  • Defects caused by inappropriate use, abusive, incorrect, modified of the product and / or unsuitable conditions, other than those for which it has been tested and designed - overfilling handbags leads to their damage.
  • Intervention, repair or any changes made by unauthorized persons, including dyeing the product.
  • Product damage caused, voluntarily or involuntarily, by mechanical shocks (breaking, hanging, hitting, scratching, etc.), by pets, rodents and other pests.
  • Faulty maintenance (cleaning using inappropriate methods or products).

Not considered defects, therefore, not covered by the warranty:

  • Particularities of natural leather: ribs, small differences in colour, characteristic signs and irregularities - this just shows the authenticity and quality of the leather with which MUSETTE products are manufactured.
  • The skins are treated with vegetable tannins, which can easily migrate and colour the surface with which it comes in contact. This happens after the first wears, until the product acquires a unique patina and it is not considered a defect; we recommend you read the instructions of use from the “Materials guide”.
  • Minor irregularities and imperfections of handmade products or parts of products.
  • Skins that have been waxed and polished by hand: in this case the skin continues to "wear out" naturally - coloured abrasions on the surface of leather is an intended effect, which occurs only after wearing and this just brings individuality to the products.

General recommendations on care of footwear

  • It is strictly forbidden to wash the shoes in the washing machine!
  • MUSETTE is not liable for defects due to incorrect use or maintenance of the product, nor the discomfort derived from wearing the wrong size of shoes.
  • After each wear, shoes are cleaned and put on the right size and format shoetrees. To create a sanitary wearing and high usability, we recommend wearing alternatively 3 pairs of shoes in a period of 6 months
  • Washing the footwear with water is prohibited. Do not use bleach, detergents and any products based on solvents, stretching, cleaning, waterproofing, alcohol, benzene, etc.
  • Wet shoes must dry slowly at room temperature, away from direct heat sources. Do not use the drying fan, heater, fire, hair dryer or other heat sources. Excessive use in damp conditions will cause the leather irreversible deformation.
  • The faces of the footwear must be spared from direct hits.
  • Avoid excessive heat which can lead to reactivation of adhesives and peeling of the soles.
  • Outsole and faces must be protected from contact with solvents, tar, soft bitumen or other corrosive materials or defrosting substances. Also, avoid hanging or stepping on sharp metal objects, scrap glass, insecticides, oil and gasoline, thinners etc., thus leading to the destruction of natural leather insole.
  • Leather soles don’t have anti-skid qualities, so there is danger of slipping, especially in the wet season.
  • Please use a shoehorn to avoid damage to the shoe heel.
  • Because the skin with which the shoes are lined has not been excessively chemically treated for fixing the pigment (in order to protect your skin), colour migration is a risk. We recommend wearing assorted or dark stockings. 
  • For interior maintenance, clean it with a soft, damp cloth, and avoid products containing acetone, acids, alcohol or any other substances that have not been tested and recommended by MUSETTE for this type of leather.
  • Leather dressed heels are more susceptible to wear and can degrade after driving, stepping in drain grates, in broken glass or soft bitumen on sidewalk in hot weather.

General recommendations on purses, belts and wallets care

  • Avoid overloading bags. MUSETTE bags and purses are designed as fashion accessories and, except those models appropriately marked, cannot be used as travel luggage. Maximum weight is 1.5 kg for a small bag, and 10 kg for a travel bag.
  • Keep away from objects that can cause scrapes, burns, perforation or any physical action likely to damage it.
  • After each use, the bag/belt/wallet must be cleaned on the surface with a soft, damp cloth, dried at the room temperature and must be stored in an airy place, away from humidity. Storage in individual bags and away from light will limit the oxidation of materials (leather and metal accessories).
  • Avoid storing near heat sources and exposure to sunlight or pressure. This can cause the discolouration of the product.
  • It’s recommended cleaning the metallic surfaces of the accessories with a dry cloth, in order to prevent oxidation.
  • The alloy constituting the metal attachments may contain traces of allergenic metals (nickel, chromium, cobalt).
  • If not used for a while, bags will be kept in original bags, away from sunlight, dust or heat. Do not store the bags in cramped spaces with other objects above them; a heavyweight who will press for a long time on the leather surface of purses will make them wear out, even if the products are stored and not worn.
  • Do not use on leather products, or near them: spray, acetone, acid, oil, benzene, insecticides, etc.

General recommendations on products for children
Please note that wear and tear or accidental damage of the product is not covered by this warranty certificate. Issues related to the chosen size, are not considered to be manufacturing defects and are not covered by warranty. No damage caused by exposure to bad weather (water, mud) is covered, nor use of the shoes for other purposes than that for which they were designed. Warranty does not cover the use of the shoes in playgrounds with sand or gravel, slides or any other place where the activity can destroy the product.

For any problems relating to MUSETTE products or services, please contact our "Customer care" department, from Monday to Friday, by email: , or at the phone number: 0728000667.

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